Is Chemistry an important subject in your O and A Level? Do you have a problem understanding what is taught in school? Or do you find it difficult to apply concepts to examination questions even though you have done all the tutorial questions? Are you tired of getting a borderline pass, or a fail grade all the time?


Here at Focus Chemistry, we provide personalised Chemistry Tuition where veteran Chemistry tutor Dion Khoo will show you how to see concepts from an entirely new way, using analogies from areas outside chemistry to remember concepts extremely easily!

Focus Chemistry is able to cover A-Level Chemistry tuition for Junior college students, O-Level Chemistry tuition for Secondary school students, University Chemistry preparatory course for students advancing to university study and Advance Placement course for students preparing for CM1121 and CM1131 tests.

Mr. Khoo’s students see a dramatic improvement in their Chemistry grades and perform well in major assessments such as common tests, promotional and O/A Level Examinations. This tuition program is by far the best chemistry tuition you can get, perfectly designed for the student who have trouble understanding Chemistry and applying key concepts.

Hello, my name is Dion Khoo. I graduated with a Bachelors and Masters in Chemical Engineering from National University of Singapore. Early on, I discovered I have a gift in making difficult Chemistry concepts extremely simple. I always see that Chemistry concepts need not be so difficult and complicated as how school teachers make them to be. And this is usually the reason many of you cannot catch up or understand.

As Albert Einstein said “If you cannot explain something simply, you do not understand it well”. The uniqueness of my program lies in my ability to explain difficult and complicated concepts using simple terms and relating them to easily understood analogies that we encounter in our daily lives. In addition, I link concepts between chapters and even between subjects like Biology and Physics.

Being a research mentor in top IP schools like Hwa Chong, Dunman High and River Valley High, I bring in real life challenges that we meet in the laboratory in our research into the class to discuss, so that my students get to see concepts applied in research as well. Being in constant contact with the water and environmental industries also allows me to bring in applications where Chemistry concepts can be applied too.

As I also coach students who are going to study Chemistry or Chemical Engineering in the university, prepare university students for Chemistry advanced placement tests, and having taught Applied Chemistry and Engineering in the Polytechnic, I often show students how difficult examination questions (which are out of O and A level syllabus) can be understood at their level. Some other features of my chemistry tuition classes include:

Small group classes (max 10)

Chemistry tuition centre singaporeToo often schools have large classes where students don’t get the personalized help they need. Once they have fallen behind, it’s almost impossible to catch up. Our Chemistry classes are very small. Every student gets the close supervision they need to learn quickly and well.


Individual attention in a group setting

If you are having difficulty understanding a concept, I’m right there to give you all the attention you need. This makes a huge difference is how students perform in classes and on exams. There is no substitute for individual attention from an expert teacher.


24/7 Student Support

All my students receive all the attention they need, be it in the class or outside class hours.  Students post questions on Whatsapp chat groups any time of the day, any day of the week.  Learning is 24/7.


Interactive and Highly Effective teaching-learning strategies

I use the most advanced techniques for teaching Chemistry. Rather than relying on the same old methods that have been used for years, I use industry best practices with the latest breakthroughs for conducting Chemistry tuition and making Chemistry easy to understand.


Problem-based Learning and Group DiscussionsChemistry Research concept

We take Chemistry out of the abstract to teach with real life problems. This helps students learn while making Chemistry tuition and learning far more exciting and interesting. This method is reinforced with lively group discussions.


Peer Teaching and Quizzing

Students often learn well from each other. I include plenty of situations where students teach each other and quiz one another. Hearing Chemistry come from a friend’s lips is one more way to deepen the learning experience.


Notes and worksheets provided

All related notes and worksheets are provided so students can continue their study from home while having the materials they need to review.


Past year Preliminary papers from Secondary School and Junior Colleges provided

That’s right, we go the extra step and provide past papers for study and enlightenment. Focus Chemistry is strongly focused on helping you or your student achieve impressive results. By using cutting-edge teaching methods, we are able to create remarkable successes one student at a time.

Please review our site for more on our techniques, programs, and classes, with comments from our students and parents. We are confident our Chemistry Tuition is the very best for any student who wants to experience superior results. Please move forward in registering for the program that matches your needs.


Personalized Chemistry Coaching. Your Success is My Success