Student Testimonial

Choo Chin Ming
Anglo Chinese JC, Grade A for A lvl Chemistry (2012)

“Improved from C grade to A grade!”

Dion’s chemistry tuition are clear and easy to understand and it allowed me to improve my grades significantly.

Futhermore, his broad understanding and knowledge on both the facts and applications of chemistry made me grow a deep interest on the topic of chemistry. His teaching methods are engaging, refreshing and interesting, coupled with effective chemistry techniques which one can easily apply in his/her daily work.

Thanks to his guidance and patience, i managed to improve my grades significantly over a short period of time and achieved a distinction for my H2 chemistry in the A levels.

Scott Wong
Hwa Chong Institution, Grade A for A lvl Chemistry (2008)

“Improve from a E grade to A grade!”

Mr Dion has been an exceptional tutor during my J2 years, helping me improve from an E grade to an A in the final A levels and prelims!!

Most importantly, he emphasizes on allowing students to understand chemistry, and not just memorize formulas symbol for symbol.

I have appreciated chemistry much more since being under Dion’s engaging tutelage and the final A grade only testifies to that.