Student Testimonial

Justin Tu Weile
Yishun JC, Grade B for A lvl Chemistry (2015)

“From a U grade to a B grade in less than a year!”

During my time in YJC, I have always struggled with the fundamentals and concepts of Chemistry, constantly struggling to grasp Organic and Inorganic Chemistry during lessons. My examination results usually hovered around an “E” to “U” grade, and I was consistently marked by my Chemistry teacher due to my disastrous results. However, being tutored by Mr Khoo during JC2 has been extraordinary for me, as I have managed to rack up my grades to a “B” for A Levels. His lessons are usually very well rounded and it allows students to have a holistic understanding of the entire concept, unlike in lectures where teachers are consistently constrained by time restrictions.

During lessons, Mr Khoo has consistently strived to win the interests of his students regarding Chemistry by showing live examples of current affairs and relating it with Chemistry concepts. His lessons are usually very interesting and engaging for me, and he will always cater to the student’s learning ability whenever possible. He would often provide challenging questions for me to answer, and while there are times I am stunned by the question, I have to admit that his methodology really stimulate my thinking and my understanding of various concepts.

Overall, I am really grateful for his consistent efforts to help me appreciate Chemistry as a whole. To those who are struggling with Chemistry and are considering to get some assistance, I would highly recommend Mr Khoo’s services. His lessons are carefully managed for his students, and I am confident to say that those under his guidance are sure to achieve stellar results in no time. Thanks a lot for your guidance, Mr Khoo!

Xin Rui
Nanyang JC, Grade A for A lvl Chemistry (2012)

“My Chemistry results sky-rocketed from S to A in the A Levels!”

Before attending tuition in April 2012, My chemistry was graded S for both the mid year and promotional exams.

Ever since joining chemistry tuition, Mr Khoo has helped me bridge the gap in my knowledge of chemistry. He constantly ensures that we do not merely memorise, but with deep understanding as well.

Ever since, I never really had to memorise much anymore as I understood the logic behind what was taught in school. Furthermore, Mr Khoo imparted many nuggets of knowledge that were although not included in syllabus, very useful to my understanding.

My grades steadily improved from a D in mid years and prelims to an A in the A levels eventually. Thank you Mr Khoo!