Parent Testimonial

Mrs Grace Wee:
Galvin Wee (AJC, A grade in A lvls H2 Chem)
Irin Wee (AJC, A grade in A lvls H2 Chem)
Dylan Wee (ACSI, A1 grade for O lvls)

Dion taught 3 of my kids Chemistry and helped them better understand the subject, beyond what their schools taught. They found his lessons interesting and they were very confident in the subject. Needless to say, they aced their Chemistry exams. Thank you Dion!

Mdm Ng Chui Peng:
Gerald Koh (ASCI, IB SL and HL chem)

With Dion’s coaching this year, Gerald’s understanding for the subject deepened and he was able to tackle the exam questions much more accurately through the clear and concise lessons provided by Dion. Dion taught him the main focus of every topic with clarity and emphasized the important pointers that were crucial in exams. Thank you so much Dion, for helping him bring up his chemistry standard!

Mr Kurup:
Anita Kurup (SAJC, A grade in A lvls, H2 Chem)
Liana Kurup (SAJC, B grade in A lvls, H2 Chem)
Jaian Jurup (ACSI, A2 grade for O lvls)

Dion helped all our three children, both through ‘O’ level Chemistry and ‘A’ level (H2) chemistry. Our eldest daughter was having some difficulty in Organic Chemistry (H2 Chemistry in JC2).  Within 6 months, she acquired a deeper understanding and improved.  Our second child started classes with him in 1st year in JC and our third child studied with him in the beginning of Sec 4. Dion’s classes helped them understand Chemistry concepts better and increased their interest in some key aspects of Chemistry.  They began enjoying Chemistry, and our eldest daughter obtained an A grade during her A levels.