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At Focus Chemistry, we deliver a comprehensive coverage for all chapters within the O-LEVEL and IGCSE CHEMISTRY syllabus. Through our extensive chemistry tuition, our students are ASSURED and GUARANTEED to develop a clear understanding of the broad array of concepts.
We will also place utmost emphasis on complicated and confusing principles (e.g., Mole Concept, Chemical Bonding, Qualitative Analysis, Electrolysis & Organic Chemistry) and address the most challenging examination questions.
Common Struggles:
    Common Struggles
  • Do you always rely on mere memorisation to pass every test or exam?
  • Do you tend to forget concepts easily?
  • Are you sufficiently prepared to achieve the distinction you desire? Or are you still feeling lost?
Don’t Procrastinate! Achieve Maximum Results in Minimal Time.
Getting things right as soon as possible is critical to achieving the most desirable outcome in your final examination.
You may choose to figure out the concepts on your own and face the tendency of giving up midway when challenges you are unable to solve appear. Alternatively, you can choose to learn from one of the most experienced chemistry tutors in Singapore with a proven track record in helping hundreds of students attain the results they truly deserve. Save time by learning via the correct techniques and gain invaluable examination tips within a short period.
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We Don’t Just Teach. We Motivate.
Here at Focus Chemistry, we believe that learning goes beyond the mere deliverance of knowledge. We strive to inspire and motivate you to see the relevance of your education in your daily lives. Besides helping you excel in your examinations, we also hope that through our unique teaching methods, you will too, develop a love for learning Chemistry.
The desire and eagerness to learn is another determining factor in your success at the later stage of your education journey. With Chemistry being a compulsory subject for Science streams in both secondary and JC levels, it is imperative to get your foundations right.
Ready To Unleash Your Maximum Potential?
Are you committed to achieving better grades as much as we are? Are you ready to excel in your next paper? If you are willing to make an effort for improved results, join us now!
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Join Focus Chemistry For Proven Results

Specially designed O Levels and IGCSE Chemistry Programs. Stress-Free Learning and Score Excellent Results.

The level of expertise we offer here at Focus Chemistry is like no other. Small and intimate group setting. Effective individual attention. Focus on concept understanding and application rather than rote learning. We are confident that your Chemistry grades will soar, while you develop a newfound appreciation and love for the subject like never before!