IB Chemistry Tuition Centre Singapore

IB Chemistry in Singapore

IB Chemistry is commonly misunderstood as having the same difficulty as A Level’s syllabus and structure. In reality, there are slight variations between the two regarding syllabus and examination structures. For IB Chemistry, the topics cover a broader spectrum of Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry, Energy Chemistry to Organic and Material Chemistry.
Focus on Extended Essay (EE) and Internal Assessment (IA)
Unlike the rest of the IB Chemistry Tuition in Singapore, Focus Chemistry provides an all-rounded guidance on the Extended Essay, a formal research paper of the IB Chemistry examinations. We also craft project briefs to help prep students for the project submission beyond lab lessons and provide guidance for Internal Assessments.
Stemming from a strong research background, Dion Khoo, our Head Tutor at Focus Chemistry has assisted many IB Chemistry students in clinching the best grade for their extended essay segment.
Here at Focus Chemistry, we believe in helping students develop a genuine interest in learning Chemistry instead of encouraging pointless memorisation. With our extensive experience and quality resources, our students have gained tremendous confidence in attaining an A for IB Chemistry examinations.
Focus Chemistry also provides:
  • Consultation and guidance for Extended Essay and Internal Assessment (Chemistry); vetting of scientific reports.
  • Interactive teaching for up-to-date IB syllabus
  • Guidance on past years’ questions and test papers