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Dion graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor’s (1996) and Master’s Degree (2000) in Chemical Engineering and has been providing O Level, A Level and IB Chemistry tuition since 1992.
Professional Working Experience
Dion possesses six years of professional experience in the water industry for various multi-national corporations, such as Sony Electronics and General Electric Water and Process Technology. His broad area of expertise spans across industrial utilities (cooling and boiler water treatment), wastewater treatment, membrane desalination and ultra pure water applications.
Teaching Experience
Through years of invaluable teaching experience, Dion has encountered a wide array of question types from top schools and even the University of Cambridge. On top of that, he also witnessed the evolution the syllabus and nature of O Level, A Level and IB Chemistry Examinations have undergone throughout the years. Having taught for more than two decades, Dion has devised novel ways to relook at the chapters and conveying them in a simpler way.
Instead of memorising textbooks, he advocates the observation of concepts from a different perspective and developing a clear understanding. Furthermore, he also encourages students to cross-reference and apply concepts learnt across various topics or disciplines, such as microbiology, biochemistry, materials engineering, quantum mechanics, etc., instead of learning each chapter independently.
Research Projects
Dion has also taught for seven years in a leading tertiary institution. Aside from his teaching duties, he was actively engaged in multiple research and industrial consultancy projects.

Some of these research projects include:
Utilising graphite oxide/titanium oxide for nitrogenous waste remediation.
Pilot plant testing of an industrial membrane bioreactor (MBR)
Removal of silica and iron from cooling water systems.
What Sets Us Apart
Personalised Attention
Our small-group setting provides a more conducive learning environment and increased opportunities for one-on-one interaction. We also pride ourselves on providing prompt responses to all your questions and comments.
With more than two decades of teaching experience in Chemistry, Dion’s expertise lies in simplifying complex concepts through daily, easily relatable analogies. His personalised Chemistry Tuition helps you develop a fresh perspective and clearer understanding on seemingly complex principles.