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Improving your A Level chemistry exam result
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Standards of practice questions may also differ from the actual exam questions. Singapore education can prove to be a daunting journey for many students, with its system’s rigour demanding both students and parents to take a proactive approach towards exam preparation.
When preparing for your A Levels Chemistry Exam, the sheer amount of information to take in may seem intimidating. At times, classes also rush through content too fast, making it hard for students to grasp the concept thoroughly.
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How We Can Help
Our A Level Chemistry tuition provides the solid groundwork for students to excel in all aspects of life, work and post-secondary education. By providing in-depth coaching, top quality materials and a well-structured lesson plan tailored to your schedule, habits and learning capabilities, Focus Chemistry help you overcome any Chemistry-related challenges with a breeze.
If all these regular study habits have failed to help you reach towards positive results, we are probably the best solution to your problems:
  • Chemistry Tutoring
  • Chemistry Tuition
  • Study Groups
  • Consultation sessions with chemistry teachers from school.
  • Chemistry remedial lessons that tend to be imbalanced or moving at an undesirable pace due to the mixture of both students at varying levels of understanding.
We are not your typical education centre offering H1, H2 Chemistry tuition assistance. Focus Chemistry is designed to instil true Chemistry concepts and convey detailed explanations that go beyond school syllabus.
Better To Be Over-Prepared Than Underprepared
It has been proven many times and over that the actual exam poses questions requiring concepts and solutions that were never taught or mentioned during school lessons. School teachers are also known to help students ‘spot topics’, which at times result in a rude surprise when topics that were not ‘spotted’ come up. Here at Focus Chemistry, we ensure that you are equipped with a thorough understanding of every topic before setting foot into the examination hall.
Individual Attention
With one-on-one attention, our unparalleled A Level Chemistry tuition offers a tailored learning experience based on your specific needs and pace.
Our personalised approach is not conducted in large seminar rooms crowded with dozens of students. Instead, our tuition lessons are conducted in a small-group setting with only 5 to 10 students per session, which is proven to maximise results.
Access Past Years’ Preliminary Papers From Top Schools
What sets us apart from the competition is that we are constantly revising past years’ preliminary chemistry exam question from top JCs, such as NJC, HCI, RI, VJC, TJC, MJC, to help our students stay ahead of the curve.
Our in-depth, up-to-date study plan include
  • Access to a small, private class of 5-10 students.
  • Full coverage of Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Experimental Planning (Practical paper).
  • A wide range of questions selected from each topic.
  • Detailed concept layouts from different chapters of key textbooks, complete with cross-referencing to other topics to demonstrate relevance.
  • Application of concepts to industry situations or daily life, based on real world experience.
  • Tips on attempting and solving all kinds of questions.

By studying with Focus Chemistry, you will be able to gain a clearer understanding of chemistry principles, as well as how to apply them in A levels Chemistry exam questions. Additionally, we also provide you with the knowledge and techniques to cross-reference concepts from various chapters, overcoming challenging questions that were never covered in school.

You will also learn to:

  • Identify real-life application of concepts to score that 10% of chemistry questions easily (which will determine whether you get an A or C in your final result).
  • Answer questions more efficiently and confidently.
  • Leaving aside more time for other subjects, or enjoying a hard-earned rest.